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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ― Mary Oliver

“Cultivating Wonder”

Creating art that brings more beauty, joy and inspiration to the world!

Welcome to the creative world of mixed media artist Michelle Lisenbee.

Whole30 – Week TWO

(Again - this is long - doing this mostly for myself as an easy way to journal my experience.) DAY EIGHT (6/20/16): Woke up tired again today. Felt okay during the day, even went for a brief walk (15 minutes) at lunchtime, but had trouble staying awake on the drive...

Whole30 – Week One

Very long, as I said before, doing this for myself as a convenient way to journal my experience in a place that’s easy to find. 🙂 Posted about the first few days already, so starting with day three. (Posting now although this happened in June - see dates!) DAY THREE:...

Whole30 – Days One and Two

(Originally posted on Facebook June 14, 2016) Please don’t feel you have to read this whole long thing. I mean, you’re welcome if you want, I did post it on a public forum after all, but I’m mostly doing it for myself. Although if you’ve done, are doing, or are...

Finding a new way to BLOOM

Each January, for the past three years, I've chosen a "Word of the Year". In 2014, my word was "Wholehearted". Last year, I chose "Clear". This year, my word is "BLOOM". As you may know from reading my earlier posts, I turned 50 this January. I decided I wanted my...

Many layers make one piece….

Many layers make one piece….

I just completed (I think!) another piece of mixed media artwork. It's a 9x12 canvas board entitled "Surrounded". My process involves lots of layers. Here are a few peeks at this one's journey: In this photo, the piece already has a few layers of paint and paper, as...

New Art!

New Art!

One of my virtual mentors, favorite artists and people (although I've never actually met her in person) is Kelly Rae Roberts. A former medical social worker turned full time artist, she embodies much of what I've love to be and do. She recently offered a bundle of...

Get art scanned – CHECK! One step closer….

Taking my artwork somewhere to be scanned has been on my "to-do" list for years. Today, I can scratch it off! I am elated. This feels big to me. We don't have a high quality scanner at home, and can't afford to buy one right now. If I want to open an Etsy shop and...

Living Like an Artist and Monk

A friend and I are reading the book, "The Artist's Rule" by Christine Valters Paintner. It's subtitle is, "nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom" and I am loving it. Its words and exercises are speaking to the deepest parts of me. This poem is the results...

Gratitude List – Fifty for Fifty

Yesterday was my fiftieth birthday. I am now a half-century old. For years, I've been saying I wanted to start a blog. This year, I am making it happen. I have no idea what I'm doing. This site will probably look funny and will probably change a lot as I learn how to...


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