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About Me

As a child, I loved all kinds of artistic expression and especially enjoyed creating things that brought joy to others. Back then, I didn’t imagine I’d be a “real” artist and channeled my creativity and compassion into becoming a nurse and massage therapist. Although I never completely stopped creating, it was not a large part of my daily life until 2008, when a friend encouraged me to try mixed media collage art. This versatile art form reignited my artful passion.

Combining my love of art with 30 years as a medical professional allows me a unique perspective which is insightful, inspirational and compassionate. I hope these qualities are evident in my highly textured and varied work.

In addition to being a nurse and massage therapist, I’m a wife and mother. I’m a daughter. A sister. A friend. I’m a seeker, a wanna-be monk in the world and Jesus follower… always doing my best to be open to wonder and to view myself as both a masterpiece and a work in progress.

It’s my vision to create art that brings more beauty, joy and inspiration to the world and to one day offer healing art retreats for women. I’d love to stay in touch!


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