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I just returned from a truly transformative retreat at 1440 Multiversity​ with Kelly Rae Roberts​ and Beth Kempton​, entitled, “Hello Soul, Hello Business”. It was a stretch for me to go, financially and personally. I’ve never traveled alone before to somewhere completely new to hang out with people I don’t really know. I am SO GLAD I was brave and took the leap. Kelly Rae and Beth are two of the most authentic, brilliant, warm women I’ve ever met. They put their hearts and souls into making this retreat something extraordinary. We spent our days connecting with each other, with nature and doing some deep soul work. They helped us articulate why we want to be in business, who we want to serve and what would delight our hearts to offer in service to those people. I still have a lot of processing to do. I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot more in the days to come. <3