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Here are two art pieces I recently added to my Etsy Shop. Very different vibes, and I love them both! I’m delighted to share them with you….

This one, titled “REST”, is several years old. I haven’t advertised it much because I really like it. It’s one of my favorite pieces and you know….I didn’t mind that it wasn’t selling. (smile) Now it feels like time to open my hands and release it to whomever needs its message next. I love the soft, muted colors and graceful lines of the stenciled queen anne’s lace (Stencil created by Cecilia Swatton from Stencil Girl products). Do you or someone you know need a reminder to let down your guard and breathe?


This one, titled “TIMELESS”, is my newest piece. I started it in a class I took with Seth Apter at The Queen’s Ink in Savage Mill. We painted deli paper and practiced creating gridlike lines and focal points. I wasn’t sure about it at first, as it’s very different from my usual style. But I brought it home and added a few more bits and it’s grown on me. It feels tribal and wild. It reminds me of ancient cave paintings and native peoples…all of which really do resonate with me. I guess it’s impossible to create art that doesn’t arise from some deep part of yourself, isn’t it? This one is also available in my shop. I’d love to have you come visit and wander around a while….just click the “shop” button up there to be transported! Thanks for stopping by.

Love and hugs,

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