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I promised I’d add a few photos of last Sunday’s Art Asylum, and here they are! Art Asylum is an art show/sale held at Historic Savage Mill twice a year presented by The Queen’s Ink This was my first show/sale ever and it was fantastic!! I am so glad I decided to be brave and commit…even though I only had three weeks until the show when I registered! It was a big step for me. The staff At Queen’s Ink gave me some really good advice on pricing my work before the show and kept me from panicking when I arrived to find a 6′ table instead of the 8′ one I was prepared for. Terri graciously helped me get the right size table out and set up.


My son, Mason, helped me carry all my stuff from the car (note for next year – ROLLING CART!) and get set up. He also stayed with me off and on all day. We printed some of his photographs to offer at the show as well. Everything fit just fine on the table and I was proud of my display. I loved the teal, black and white theme. Lots of folks stopped by my table, a bunch signed up to receive emails from me in the future and I sold more than I imagined I would.

Being in the show forced me to do things I’ve been thinking about but not actually DOING – like making prints and cards from my work, getting pictures up on my Facebook page and updating this site! (Yay!) So, really, even if I didn’t sell anything, the push to get things done would have been worth the cost of the table for me. I met several local artists and made valuable connections with some wonderful people.

Since the show, I’ve continued to connect with people and more of my art is making it’s way into homes and lives. That makes me so happy! However, I must admit that being an introvert, this show took a lot out of me. It was exciting for sure. Inspiring, uplifting and confidence building also for sure…but after the rush and energy expenditure of the day, I found myself floundering a bit. Monday at work I felt scatterbrained, tired and disengaged. Now I know that next time I have something like this planned – I MUST incorporate time afterward to rest and recharge. I need solitude, nature and quiet after putting myself out there to this extent. Time and space to breathe…to inhale slowly and recenter myself after a long energy exhale like this. Lesson learned. Amen and much love to you all. <3

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