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(Again – this is long – doing this mostly for myself as an easy way to journal my experience.)
DAY EIGHT (6/20/16): Woke up tired again today. Felt okay during the day, even went for a brief walk (15 minutes) at lunchtime, but had trouble staying awake on the drive home. Tried to rest for a few minutes when I got home. Shoulder pain happened this evening. Going to try to pinpoint when this happens to try to identify any triggers. I was hungry, tired and had been working a the computer most of the day. Took ibuprofen, self-massage, rested after work. Better after about an hour at home. Cycle started today a few days before expected. Still sticking with the four meals a day. Did snack a bit, perhaps my meals weren’t full enough?
Meal#1: Mashed squash, sweet potatoes and carrots topped with sauteed greens and mushrooms and two eggs fried in coconut oil.
Meal #2: More greens and mushrooms, the last bit of starchy veggies and browned, ground turkey, sliced raw vegetables with avocado-lime mayo dip, apple with cashew butter. (Ate half of all this for Meal #2, the rest for meal #3)
Meal #3: see above
Meal #4: homemade hearty vegetable soup (browned ground beef and turkey, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, V-8, green beans, sweet potato, garlic, onion, carrots, celery, spices)
Was hungry on the way home from work, ate a few pieces of sliced veggies leftover from meals. Also had a small handful of cashews this evening.

(6/21): Today was very busy at work. I was crampy and tired. Mentally, I still have a lot going on – I am noticing I worry a lot and have vague anxiety almost all the time. Feeling like I could and should be doing “better” at just about everything. This is not pleasant. Still feeling quite fatigued, hard to keep my eyes open driving home. That is also not pleasant – I mean, falling asleep is a great feeling, just not while I’m driving. Sigh. I also felt crabby and irritable when I got home and into the evening. Played Munchkin with the family and that was fun. Intended to go to bed early, but stayed up reading until 10 anyway. Did not get much movement in today.
Meal #1: Veggies and two eggs fried in coconut oil, coffee with coconut cream, a few (10-12?) grapes and about 1/3 cup blueberries
Meals #2 and 3: (Ate half of this at 11am, the rest at 3pm): Large salad (3 cups greens) with sunflower seeds, two hard boiled eggs, about 2 ounces of grilled chicken, tomatoes, 15 black olives, a bit of sliced kohlrabi, cucumber, carrots, half an avocado, two tablespoons olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Also had about 1/3 cup whole cashews and 6-7 dried apricot halves,
Meal #4: 3-4 ounces of salmon fried in olive oil with salt and pepper, roasted vegetables (butternut squash, mushrooms and garlic scapes)
DAY TEN (6/22): Good day today. Fatigue seemed a bit better. Did not go back to bed after John left for work, took a 20 minute walk at lunchtime, and some gardening after dinner. Was sleepy on the way home, but not afraid I might need to pullover for a nap. 🙂
Meal #1: Mixed veggies topped with two fried eggs, coffee with coconut milk
Meals #2 and #3: Hamburger/vegetable soup (homemade), apple and cashew butter
Meal #4: beets, butternut squash, mushrooms, garlic scapes and spinach with thinly sliced lean beef sauteed/stir-fried in coconut oil. Spiced with onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper.
DAY ELEVEN (6/23): Today went great. Tempted by the bagels and cream cheese a drug rep brought in to work this morning, but didn’t even taste. Not worth it to have to start over. I think the fatigue is lessening a bit, didn’t worry about falling asleep at the wheel on my way home, and didn’t need a nap after work. Progress!
Found a list of “non-scale victories” on the Whole30 website. I know I’m only 1/3 of the way through, but so far, I am noticing:
  • *fewer blemishes on my face
  • *less bloating and my belly seems smaller
  • *my wedding/engagement rings are definitely looser
  • *less (hardly any!) PMS symptoms this month (sorry if that’s TMI)
  • *more “regularity” (again, sorry if that’s TMI!)
  • *fewer sugar cravings, and cravings in general
  • *feeling full and satisfied after eating
  • *sleeping more soundly
  • *don’t feel hungry every two hours anymore. Am able to go four hours without feeling hungry most days.
  • *I’m enjoying the food preparation and cooking. It takes time, but the artist in me loves all the colors and textures of the food and finding new ways to use the vegetables we get in our CSA is fun.
  • *discovering I really love coconut oil. 🙂
If I let myself focus on what I can’t have, I feel deprived, so I am focusing on the rewards I am already seeing in just 11 days. I’m sure it will only get better (at least that’s what I’m hoping!) – and when I’m done, I can decide which things are worthy enough to allow back into my life and body. 🙂
Beer might be my first choice.
Meal #1: Omelet with avocado, greens, fresh basil (2 eggs), coffee with coconut milk
Meal #2: Leftovers from dinner last night (beets, butternut squash, mushrooms, garlic scapes and spinach with thinly sliced lean beef sauteed/stir-fried in coconut oil. Spiced with onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper.) – about 2-3 cups?
Meal #3: Homemade hamburger-vegetables soup, one clementine
Snack: on the way home from work realized I was hungry. I guess the soup didn’t have enough substance to hold me until dinner – ate the hard boiled egg and 10 olives i brought just in case.
Meal #4: Glad I had the snack, as we didn’t end up eating dinner until 8pm. Had two eggs scrambled with ground turkey sausage, chopped fresh spinach, basil and scallions, diced tomatoes and two slices of bacon. (Rest of the family had bacon and pancakes. I made the pancakes and wasn’t even tempted to eat them. I was actually more excited to eat my pretty, veggie-full eggs!)
DAY TWELVE (6/24): (writing this on 6/25) Had the day off today. Second weekend on plan. It’s more difficult to stay on track with meal timing with the unstructured days, but I did fine. Had breakfast, then took the kids to the doctor for physicals. Shots and blood work for both. They were not happy about that but did great, despite the fact that Jake almost passed out after getting his blood drawn. Luckily, I noticed he was white as a sheet and made him sit down before he actually lost consciousness and hit the floor. :/ After our fairly stressful morning, we went out to brunch. The kids chose Bob Evans. Initially, I wasn’t going to order anything, but as they have breakfast all day, I just ate more eggs. 🙂 It was fine, although I’m not gonna lie – I was coveting the whipped cream on Mason’s pancakes. I felt full until about 3pm, when I usually have a meal, but not REALLY hungry, so I had an apple with cashew butter and was fine until 7, when I made myself dinner. The boys all had frozen pizzas. I made salmon cakes and sauteed collards. Not the best tasting meal, but it did the trick. I didn’t cook the collards long enough and they were still pretty tough and chewy. Didn’t eat enough fat and/or starch at that meal, because I was hungry again at 9. Didn’t want to eat a lot, so I just had a handful of cashews and went to bed at 10:30. Had enough energy today to do a short strength workout. Mason wanted to rearrange the living room furniture, so we did that together. We actually cleaned and vacuumed under all the couches. Amazing what you find when you do that! 🙂 Feels good to have the living room clean(ish) and it feels new and good in there – moved some energy around! Going to PA today (6/25) to pick up our “new” dog, Shasta. Ben’s daughter, 7 years old. Looking forward to and a bit anxious about having a dog again.
Meal #1: Eggs and veggies (can’t actually remember what!)
Meal #2: Two scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, fresh fruit, unsweetened peppermint tea (at Bob Evans)
Meal #3: Apple with cashew butter
Meal #4: Two salmon cakes (recipe from the Whole30 book), collards sauteed in olive oil with garlic and hot pepper flakes. Handful of cashews later as a snack.
DAY THIRTEEN (6/25): (Writing this on the 26th) Drove to PA today to pick up our “new” dog, Shasta. She’s Ben’s daughter, seven years old, ready to retire from breeding at Ivy Spring Labs. It’s an adjustment getting used to having a dog again, and for her to get used to being a house dog. So far, we’ve learned:
  • Food is her biggest downfall and motivator. She acts like she’s starving all the time. She wolfs down her food and is constantly looking for something else to eat. She has trouble taking things gently from our hands, and will take things from our hands even when we aren’t offering them to her. If we have our hands down by our side and she thinks we might have food, she will sniff and nudge. If we did have food, I’m sure she would grab it. Not good if we ever have little kids over. 🙁 She doesn’t seem to be food aggressive. I was petting her while she was eating this morning and she seemed okay. I did not try to take the dish away though. She also has already tried to get food from the counter and table. We have some training to do. On the other hand, she has already learned sit (she may have known it already), and in the few minutes I worked on “leave it” with her yesterday, she seemed to get the idea. She knows what “no” is, and responds, but I think she will try to keep getting away with stuff if someone isn’t there to correct her.
  • She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. She will actually bring it back AND drop it! She is mostly ignoring the cats. She and Oz have already been loose in the same room and have been fine together. He was a bit nervous at first, and is still somewhat wary, but I think the fact that she mostly ignores him helps. Christopher also was in the bedroom with her last night, and they also pretty much ignored each other, which was good. She did fine in the crate last night. It was comforting to have a dog softly snoring in the room again.
  • She walks well on a leash. Stays with me, and mostly on the left side.
  • Other dogs who are aggressive toward her get her riled up a bit and scared. Need to watch that as well.
  • She likes the baby pool and did fine when I gave her a bath.
  • She greeted the neighbor kids well, and was gentle and not rambunctious.
  • She doesn’t yet know that it’s not okay to get on the furniture. She tried, we said no. She stopped. She hasn’t tried again.
  • She rides in the car just fine.
  • She craves attention and would be touched and petted 24/7 if she could.
  • She is not familiar with stairs. She was scared to go up them yesterday. We finally coaxed her with some sausage. She is also nervous about going down them. She will get used to that.
Did fine with eating yesterday. Not really craving much sweets lately. Even forgot to put sweet stuff and snacks on the shopping list for the kids and John. :/ Getting a bit bored with the food, so when I planned menus for the week I made sure to include some new recipes from the book.
Meal #1: half mashed sweet potato, sauteed spinach (about 1/2 cup cooked), one fried egg.
Meal #2: In the car on the way to get Shasta: turkey sausage and sliced apple.
Meal #3: Honestly can’t remember!
Meal #4: Coconut-curry shrimp over wilted spinach. (from the book – recipe was for chicken, but I made it with shrimp instead, and added broccoli)
DAY FOURTEEN (6/26): Whoo Hoo! Two weeks down! Did fine today again. Shasta is doing well adapting. Did notice that I feel a bit more bloated today, and my face seems more broken out and itchy. Also noticed that I woke up in the night with “allergy symptoms” – runny, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc. Windows open the past few night since it’s been so beautiful weather-wise, and we got Shasta. Reacting to either of these?
Meal #1: Spinach/tomato/mushroom frittata, coffee with coconut milk
Meal #2: homemade concoction of sauteed/steamed fresh beets, mushrooms, kale, scallions, leftover ground turkey and beef brisket.
Meal #3: (In the car on the way home from a Soul Collage Gathering): two hard boiled eggs, banana with cinnamon-vanilla nut butter.
Meal #4: Roast chicken, garlic scapes, carrots, and onions with romaine lettuce salad topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, cherries for “dessert”.
Tomorrow is the halfway mark!
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