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Very long, as I said before, doing this for myself as a convenient way to journal my experience in a place that’s easy to find. 🙂 Posted about the first few days already, so starting with day three. (Posting now although this happened in June – see dates!)
DAY THREE: 6/15/16 – today was Day three of my first Whole30. Woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. Awful headache, achy and sore, exhausted even though I’d just woken up. Getting out of bed was difficult. I skipped my workout this morning and went back to bed after John left. Took some ibuprofen, drank lots of liquids (water and cinnamon tea), got a massage at work during my lunch hour, took a nap when I got home from work. Sugar cravings not too bad today, but definitely there. The worst was wanting a mocha from McDonald’s on my way home from work. It’s warm, and sweet and is both a comfort and reward for me. Giving up my sweet creamy coffee has really been the hardest thing I think, because it has been a part of my daily routine. I miss it. Here’s what I did eat today:
Meal #1 (7am): half a baked sweet potato, mashed, topped with half a mashed avocado and two fried eggs. Doesn’t sound so great but it was delicious.
Meal #2 (11am): Baked chicken and roasted vegetables topped with roasted red pepper sauce. Also delicious.
Meal #3 (3pm): Salad with romaine lettuce, tomato, sunflower seeds, hard boiled egg with olive oil and vinegar. Pineapple on the side.
Meal #4 (7:30pm): Beef brisket, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and carrots in the crockpot.
DAY FOUR: 6/16/16 – Headache is gone, body aches are better, but the fatigue is killer. Hard to keep my eyes open sometimes today. Really missing my sweet, creamy coffee. Still enjoying the food I am eating, though. Not too much sweets craving today. (Except for the coffee!)
Meal #1: spinach and tomato frittata with roasted red pepper sauce
Meal #2: mixed greens with tomatoes, grilled chicken, avocado, sunflower seeds, olive oil and vinegar.
Meal #3: Leftover beef brisket with sweet potatoes, carrots and squash, side of fruit (blueberries, strawberries, pineapple – about one cup total fruit)
Meal #4: Half a grilled boneless pork chop, mixed green salad with homemade ranch dressing and spaghetti squash topped with roasted red pepper sauce. (Love that stuff!)
Felt hungry when leaving work. Grabbed a handful of trail mix, picked out all the raisins and M&Ms. Started to eat it, then remembered peanuts are not included on the Whole30. I think I ate 3-4 of them. Decided not to start over. Peanuts are not an issue for me and have never been (other than when I sometimes want to eat a lot of peanut butter!). I ate the cashews and almonds and threw the rest of the peanuts away. Realized that eating a snack on my way home from work in the car is another bad habit I need to break. No more of this!
Was hungry this evening waiting for dinner. I had meal #3 at 3pm, got home a bit after 6 and was hoping to have dinner by 7. We didn’t end up eating until almost 7:45 because the pork was taking longer than expected to grill. I was getting cranky, so I ate my salad while I waited. Need to try to keep my meal timing to as close to four hours as I can for now.
Also had a spoonful of cashew butter this evening. Wanted more, and although it’s an “allowed” food, I realized I was using it as a comfort, reward, etc. “Feeding the sugar dragon” (even though there’s no sugar in the cashew butter!) and reinforcing the bad habit of “bedtime snacking”, so I stopped and put it away. Yay, me!
Day four done. 🙂
DAY FIVE: 6/17/16 – Today was the kids’ last day of school and I took the day off. It was my first Whole30 day without the structure and routine of a workday. Luckily, I still had to take Mason to school, so I ate breakfast at my usual time. I was not very hungry at 11 when I usually eat a second meal, but I ate a little anyway. Ate a little more around 3pm just before John and I left for the viewing of our friend Kelly Navin, who passed away suddenly on the 12th. I had packed a lunchbox of food to take with me in case we weren’t back and I got hungry – it was in Bel Air, and with rush hour traffic, we were expecting to be gone for HOURS. I then forgot the lunchbox. Sigh. I was pretty hungry when we got home a little after 6. Ate my last meal around 6:30. Fatigue is still here. I took a nap this morning, but had enough energy to mow the backyard this evening. Still missing my coffee, and REALLY wanted a beer after I mowed the lawn. No real “sweets” cravings (yet) which surprises me. I just really miss my coffee, and now beer. 🙂
Meal#1: Mashed sweet potato over a bed of sauteed greens, topped with two eggs fried in coconut oil.
Meal#2: Roasted butternut squash with steamed kale and chard (recipe from Whole30), included olive oil and sliced almonds with chili powder, salt and pepper. Also had half an apple with two tablespoons of cashew butter.
Meal #3: A bit more of the same things above, not really a whole meal.
Meal #4: Spaghetti squash topped with ground beef and homemade tomato sauce.
  • Stayed fairly close to four meal plan even without the structure of my workday.
  • Took the kids to chick-fil-a for spicy chicken sandwiches and sweet tea. Did not at or drink any of those things (except a dill pickle!)
  • Did not drink a beer after mowing the law although I was sorely tempted. Day Five done!
DAY SIX: 6/18/16
Another weekend day that went just fine. No headaches, still have some body aches, but it’s no worse than those I had before I started Whole30 – the ones I’m hoping will be much improved by Day 30. 🙂 Fatigue is better today. Didn’t even need to take a nap. Probably should have rested anyway, but didn’t. Had a full day and great!
Meal #1 (7:30am) : Leftover carrots, squash and sweet potato from the crock pot corned beef last week, mashed and topped with two eggs fried in coconut oil. This has become one of my favorite breakfasts.
Meal #2 (11:30am): Leftover butternut squash, kale and chard sauteed with sliced almonds and leftover grilled chicken breast.
Meal #3 (3pm): leftover grilled pork chop, peppers, cucumber and carrots sliced and dipped in homemade ranch dressing.
Meal #4 (7pm): The remaining squash, kale, chard mixture with turkey sausage.
Drank lots of water. Went grocery shopping, wasn’t as tempted as I thought by all the things. Spent a long time in the produce department, and reading the labels on things. Avoided getting the kind of ice cream I really like so it wouldn’t be in the house. Kids had root beer and almost took a sip without thinking. Caught myself just in time. Kids also had s’mores around the campfire and it didn’t bother me at all. I did, however, really want a beer again. Sigh. Even though I don’t really drink much, there are more triggers for that than I realized. And I really like having a good beer once or twice a week. Oh well, 24 more days and I can. Day six done! 🙂
DAY SEVEN (6/19/16): Completed an assessment emailed to me by the Whole30 daily today. Withdrawal symptoms mostly gone now, energy is returning – had a full day again today with no need for nap. Although I did fall asleep on the couch at 9pm. 🙂 Skin actually seems a bit worse, mood generally good.
Challenges today:
  • Going to Target to pick up a few things, walking past all the aisles of forbidden food – made me want to grab one of everything an eat/drink it. I got some cashews.
  • Going to the liquor store to buy some Father’s Day beer for John. I closed my eyes, walked past all the yummy craft brews and bought him a six pack of Bud.
  • Going out to dinner at Homeslyce for Father’s Day. We had one more Groupon to use! I checked out the menu beforehand, knew I could eat the mediterranean salad if I know what was in the dressing. In case in was non Whole30, I brought my own. I asked the waitress about the dressing: olive oil, vinegar and basil. Score! I ordered the salad without feta, but with chicken. It was delicious – and it was really hard smelling the wings and pizza, and watching the boys eat cheesecake for dessert. Remembering why I wanted to do this, as well as NOT wanting to start from Day Zero again gave me strength to stick to the plan.
Food prep for this week included making hamburger vegetable soup, avocado lime mayo, sauteed greens and mushrooms, chopping vegetables.
Meal #1 (8:00am): The last of the spinach frittata from last week with avocado and roasted red pepper sauce, coffee with coconut milk.
Meal #2 (12:30pm): The last of the spaghetti squash with the remaining homemade tomato sauce and ground beef.
Meal #3 (really a snack – 3:00pm): 3 large spanish olives, a handful of cashews, few bites of sauteed greens and mushrooms.
Meal #4 (6:30pm): Mediterranean salad with chicken and basil vinaigrette.
Writing this out made me realize I did not have any fruit today. Hmmmm. Didn’t really miss it, but would like to make sure I get at least one serving in each day. Really loving not having to limit my intake of good fats. Feels very liberating.
Week one DONE!
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