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(Originally posted on Facebook June 14, 2016)

Please don’t feel you have to read this whole long thing. I mean, you’re welcome if you want, I did post it on a public forum after all, but I’m mostly doing it for myself. Although if you’ve done, are doing, or are thinking about doing your own Whole30, I’d love to hear about it. 🙂

Started my first ever Whole30 yesterday. I spent most of Sunday afternoon prepping food. I made roasted vegetables, homemade tomato sauce, homemade mayo and ranch dressing, roasted spaghetti squash, a spinach frittata, and “protein salad”. I liked doing it. I like playing in the kitchen…and I was glad when I was done. Glad that I did it and enjoyed it, and glad that I had planned ahead for my first week of eating REALLY clean.

Day one (yesterday) went fairly well. Prior to starting the Whole30, most of my meals were actually pretty healthy. I pack and take lunch to work every day already. I don’t eat much bread, rice, pasta. I do, however, love sweets. And coffee. Sweet, creamy coffee. Hot or iced. And, oh yes – convenience. There is that. I ate fast food more than I should just because it was easy. Fast food and pizza. And Dunkin Donuts coffee. Did I mention I loved coffee?

So far, the hardest things have been:

  • Not having sweet, creamy coffee in the mornings (and the afternoons…and sometimes even in the evenings. Don’t judge – I did decaf!) I am realizing that I don’t actually love the taste of coffee itself, it’s mostly the sweet creamy part I like. I’m using coconut milk/cream in my coffee, and maybe I’ll get used to it, but so far, not loving it – but can’t quite bring myself to give it up for plain herbal tea. I’ll keep experimenting with this.
  • Only having three meals. I had lap-band surgery in 2007, and even though I haven’t had my band adjusted in a long time, it still doesn’t allow me to eat a big meal. I am used to eating five or six smaller meals throughout the day. Yesterday, I tried, I really did, but I got REALLY hungry and couldn’t wait five hours between meals. I just ended up eating until I was full, then waiting as long as I could, then just finished the meal. I did bring hard boiled eggs to snack on and ate them on my way home from work. I am awake for a long time. I wake up at 5am and usually go to bed at 10. That’s 17 hours of awake time. If I stop eating after dinner, that cuts it to maybe 13 or 14 hours. And I try to exercise within 30 minutes of waking up, and don’t like to do that on a full stomach. So how does that work?

I looked on the forums for help, and found that there are others with lap bands doing the whole 30. It’s recommended that we try to go at least 4 hours between meals, and to make each eating time a real meal, not just a snack. So here’s what I did today (and will probably keep on doing):

  • 5:30am – few bites of whatever I’m having for breakfast, coffee, water followed by exercise
  • 7am – breakfast. At the table. Not in the car on my way to work. 🙂
  • 11am – as much of my lunch as I can eat – until I am full.
  • 3pm – The rest of my lunch.
  • 7pm – dinner – with herbal tea as a nightcap.
So far, this is working better today, although I am still hungry. Maybe I need to add more fat to eat meal? Gonna look this up later.
Had pretty intense sweets cravings after dinner last night. And it was really hard not to eat after dinner. And I am already seeing how many habits and triggers I have around food. Driving to work and wanting to stop for coffee “as a treat”. Having a piece of chocolate after a meal. Eating “bedtime snack” (dessert) while watching TV in the evenings with the family, ordering a pizza when I’m tired and stressed and we don’t feel like cooking.
But that’s why I’m doing this food experiment – to see what happens when I give my body what it really needs. One needs nourishment to bloom. <3
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