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I just completed (I think!) another piece of mixed media artwork. It’s a 9×12 canvas board entitled “Surrounded”. My process involves lots of layers. Here are a few peeks at this one’s journey:

IMG_20160329_225943_101In this photo, the piece already has a few layers of paint and paper, as well as a stamp or two. Most of this ends up getting covered up later on.

IMG_20160413_112015_751I didn’t take an individual photo of the piece at the next stage, but it’s the one in the upper right in this “group shot”. A few more layers of paint, mark-making, drips and splatters. ¬†As you can see, I tend to work on several pieces at once until I get close to completing them. Then they get my full attention – until I’m waiting for it to dry. Then I’ll play with another piece for a while, or perhaps go do something else I that probably needs doing, like laundry. (smile)

And here’s the finished (I think) product. You can actually still see a few peeks of the pink in the original layers, and some of the white dots. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but I’m not certain yet that it’s really finished. Whenever I think a piece is done, I like to hang or prop it up somewhere where I can see it often for a few days. Sometimes getting perspective, both in time and space, can reveal places I need to add something more…and sometimes it becomes apparent that it really is complete.

IMG_20160417_193939_210I’d love to hear your thoughts. Check out my Facebook page with more art here. Thanks for stopping by!

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